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UAE's Largest Eco friendly mobile car wash company
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Steam Team

“STEAM TEAM” – ‘A New mobile Steam car washing services from Clean Car ,the largest and leading car cleaning services company in the  United Arab Emirates serving more than 3 million cars a year.

You want to wash your car, but you don’t have the time or the energy for it? Steam team comes directly to your doorstep or at your office and takes care of washing the exterior and interior of your car. Thanks to a revolutionary steam-based system that cleans and sanitizes.


The cleaning power of the steam machine generate high temperature steam (between 150 and 185 degrees) which is much more effective than modern detergents. Hot steam removes germs, viruses, dust, mites, bacteria and Eliminates odour from your car interior and also leaving the car surfaces clean and sanitized.


The service is designed for your flexibility and that’s why we will come to wherever you need us!


Enjoy a new look of your car and feel fresh inside of your car.