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Car Shampoo


This shampoo contains smooth formula that will give a true one step product. It cleans polishes and protects in one easy step! The EXTRA SHINE CAR SHAMPOO is an All-In-One product in which it removes existing dirt, road Films and visually reduces minor swirls.



  • PH balanced formula safe for all paint types
  • High foaming formula
  • safe for all car finishes
  • An invisible barrier that offers maximum protection leaving a smooth surface and a superior shine.


A super concentrated, liquid Car Shampoo formulated to quickly and effectively clean all finishes without scratching. It produces a unique foaming action that coats the surface to help prevent unwanted dirt.


  • PH balanced formula safe for all paint types
  • Foam lifts and holds dirt in suspension, preventing scratching and re-depositing
  • Highly concentrated formula reduces usage cost
  • Contains formula that intensifies and increases beading action

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What is tyre polish?
Tyre polish is a rubber protector that seals shines and protects black rubber tyres.


Key Benefits:

  • Enriches the black color of the tyres
  • Effects lasts for weeks


How Does It Work?
Tyre polish protects all external rubber surfaces. It seals and protects the rubber from oxidation and weathering. The polish provides a lasting durable shine that will not wear off for weeks.

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