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Air Freshener







Lefore Air Fresheners, a division of Clean Car, manufactures the highest quality private label car air fresheners. It is the only customized Car Air Freshener in UAE.


Clean Car opened the Lefore division to fill a gap in the ever growing advertisement market.  With people spending a lot more time in their cars, what better way to advertise to your customers than with a billboard that hangs from their rear view mirror seven days a week.



· Each Air freshener comes individually wrapped in a clear recyclable plastic wrapper with/without attached elastic.
· The paper used is recyclable and environmental friendly.
· Shelf life of one year if kept in a cool dry place.
· Our standard Air freshener size is 7- cm width and 7- cm height.


We want you to be part of it; we want it to be tailored according to your perspective.
After receiving your artwork, our design team will provide you with a proof for your approval. Upon receiving signed proof confirmation from you that “Everything looks perfect” – we will start with the production.


We use organic high quality fragrances. During manufacture we ensure that a maximum amount of fragrance is absorbed into the thick card for longevity.


Our examples of fragrances used:

· Lemon
· Green Apple
· Strawberry
· Blue Ocean
· Fruit mix
· Lime
· Oxi fresh
· Spring valley
· Fruity floral
· Herbal mix​


Our standard shapes used:

· Round – ideal for displaying graphics, especially circular logos.
· Square and/or Rectangle – ideal for holding text and information – clear and easy to read.

We also have a team of designers that will customize the shape to your needs.



We offer a standard header card that can carry your logo and business details, at no extra cost, we don’t want to charge extra we want to build a loyal interaction.


Clean Car offers an effective and efficient distribution service through our Car Washers at various locations.
We guarantee that each of our customers will receive an Air Freshener as part of our car washing service.
Clean Car has a professional employee monitoring system to ensure that your air fresheners will reach the targeted customers.

We can provide you with a list of our working sites, to enable you to select the locations and dates for distribution.

Our distribution capacity is 10,000 a day.

​To know more, why not give us a call or drop us an email to: